Precious Pearls of Promise

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Young ladies have many layers.  Much like the growth process of pearls.  It can start out very rigorous as an infection, but when we teach our young ladies the appropriate defense mechanisms they can come out to be precious.  It is through rough conditions, tough environments, and difficult situations pearls are produced.  While the video below is scientific, it will help you to relate to how young ladies can develop into precious pearls.

  • Pearls come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Pearls are priceless.
  • The shell of a pearl is hard to get into.

What does all of this have to do with the development of young ladies?  

While pearls are different, priceless, and have a hard exterior they are among the most precious commodities of the world. 

Promise means to take an oath, give your word, vow, or honor.  It is important that our young ladies learn to be loyal to themselves, know their value, and discover their dreams!

You are a Precious Pearl of Promise!

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