Precious Pearls of Promise

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A Message from Tamika & T. Marie

The analogy of it takes a village is true to and needs to be utilize more often through mentoring and building the esteem of our young ladies.

Over the past five years working with youth we have discovered that many young ladies are dealing with self-esteem challenges, environmental instability, lack of educational support and emotional distress. We have determined that young ladies need a safe environment to be educated and mentored on how to care for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Precious Pearls of Promise will provide instruction on enhancing life skills as well as be an example of encouragement and support as they face challenges. We will also connect participants to educational and emotional supportive resources if needed.

When our Precious Pearls enter into that special place where they have learned to love and accept themselves, they will not look to external sources for internal completion.

T. Marie & Tamika

Tamika D. Holmes, MBA, MHRM

CEO, T.D.H. Operations, LLC

Holmes Marketing Firm, LLC


T. Marie King, M.A.L., M.Div.

Community & Youth Advocate

About Us

Tamika D. Holmes, MBA, MHRM  and T. Marie King, M.A.L., M.Div. are the founders of Precious Pearls of Promise.  Precious Pearls of Promise is a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfill developing and building self-esteem, life skills, and great  to young ladies 14 to 25 years of age. Their goals are to Inspire, Motivate, and Cultivate young ladies to the next level.

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