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Perfection Week of September 7, 2014

Posted on September 7, 2014 at 7:15 PM

Good Afternoon Pearls!


Ms. T.K., Janis, Jennifer, and I are really proud of you Precious Pearls! We went down a journey of perfection. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ms. Charita Cadenhead for coming out again and giving you her wisdom on being perfect. There is a difference in striving for excellence and trying to be perfect. In the Webster's Dictionary Perfection is defined as something that cannot be improved upon. Excellence is defined as valuable quality. We all need improvements, but being yourself is the best improvement of all. Trying your best is how we strive for excellence is the value and quality you build in yourself. In the words of Ms. Charita "No matter how you look at it, your very BEST is your perfection (even with its flaws.)" Continue to work on being yourself!!!!


We also discussed self-esteem. Here are some key pointers to remember.


What is ‘self‑esteem’?

We all hear about the value of high self-esteem and that people with poor self-esteem tend to experience problems in life, but what exactly is self-esteem? Here are some definitions:

  • How we value ourselves – our self-worth
  • Our attitude to ourselves – how happy we are with the type of person we are
  • Our ability to manage difficult situations
  • Our confidence in our own abilities
  • How we see ourselves in our community and society – how we compare ourselves to others, and connect with those around us

High self‑esteem

  • High self-esteem can mean we are comfortable with who we are. People with high self-esteem often have the confidence to influence decisions, to express their individuality and to find success in life.

Low self‑esteem

  • Low self-esteem means that we do not value our true worth. This can lead to feeling helpless and not being in charge of our lives, even feeling resentment or blaming others. Those with low self-esteem are unlikely reach their full potential in life.

The cost of low self‑esteem

With low self-esteem, we often fail to recognize what we do achieve and feel good about it. Having low self-esteem costs us a lot.

  • Low self-esteem can make us feel excluded and disconnected from society
  • It can make us want to surrender our individuality and conform to stereotypes
  • It can make us feel we can’t handle life’s challenges or feel like a miserable failure
  • It can lead to depression, destructive behavior, self-harming, eating disorders or alcohol/drug abuse
Keep Striving in Excellence!!!

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