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Decisions Week of August 31, 2014

Posted on September 7, 2014 at 7:10 PM

Good Afternoon Pearls!


You are indeed Precious Pearls! In group we heard a response from one of the Pearls that she would like to grow to be a better person. Growth means change, and change can be challenging. But, in order to grow you must go through change. This week we talked about decisions and finance. T.K., Janis, and I want you to really focus in this area. We make over 50 decisions each day from what to wear to what to eat. Sometimes simple decisions are the hardest. It is important to remember that taking action and reacting are two different concepts. Taking action means making a plan to do something positive. Reacting can have negative consequences. For example: "reacting to situations that could result in getting you into trouble, peer pressure, letting others make decisions for you, or making snap decisions." Seeking counsel from GOD First and then some one you trust (i.e. parent, a friend with good judgement, a mentor, etc.) will help you figure out the right decision to make. Here is a recap of the four types of decisions we discussed:

  • No Decision – Letting others decide what you will do.
  • Snap Decision – A quick choice you make with no consideration of the result.
  • Pressured Decision–Letting others pressure you into making a decision which could result into making a snap decision and negative consequences
  • Responsible Decision – Considering others (Not only me) and your future (Not only now) when you make a decision.

Ms. T.K. taught you about the everyday life decisions your parents and other adults have to make. These decisions result in providing shelter, food, clothing, privileged amenities (cell phone, cable, computer, shopping, etc.), health insurance, transportation, taking care of children, etc. These are the decisions you will be faced with as an adult.

3 Things to Remember:

  • Continue to walk in confidence knowing that you are precious, loved, smart, beautiful, talented, and skillful.
  • The decisions you make whether they are no decision, snap decision, pressured decision, or responsible decision can result in good or bad consequences.
  • Value those things that are worth your time, and discard those things that are not.

Welcome to our new Precious Pearls!!!

Kori Johnson, Kristen Johnson, MacKenzie Harris, Makaiya Harris, Joslyn Brown

Keep Striving for Excellence!!!

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