Precious Pearls of Promise

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We Inspire

Providing a platform of positive influence!

We Motivate

Training up to take positive action!

We Cultivate

Developing,educating, and training!

The focus of Precious Pearls of Promise -(Pƒ3) is designed for young ladies 14 years of age to 25 years of age, which will be broken down into two groups. Our “Little Pearls,” young ladies ages 14 to 18, and our Pƒ3 group young ladies ages 19 to 25.

The scope of the program will fall into several key areas:

  • Goal Setting
  • Community Service
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Problem-Solving
  • Loving Me~Being Comfortable in My Own Skin
  • Intelligent Female Debating Techniques
  • Health and Wellness~Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Cultural Sensitivity Breaking Barriers and Building Positive Relationship
  • Career Education and Career Development: Develop and Execute Your Plan
  • The Feminine Touch: Etiquette and Dress 4 Success
  • Building Your Personal Brand: Projecting a Positive Image and Positive Assumptions
  • Communication 101: Verbal, Non-verbal, Body Language, Social Media,
  • Parenting Component
  • Strength Building: Using Past Hurts to Build a Brighter Future


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